Nanny/ Care Giver

A nanny is a childcare provider who also handles other duties in the home, such as cleaning, doing laundry, or tutoring children. Nannies aid in the intellectual and emotional growth of the children they care for and often work for a family for the minimum contract of one year. They can be employed part-time or full-time, and they often live with the families who employ them.

Eligibility for Nanny Cum Care Giver

• None; associate’s degree and/or certifications in early childcare preferred

• Basic knowledge of computer and internet knowledge is beneficial.

• Strong communication and instructional skills; patience and stamina.

• Strong communication and instructional skills; patience and stamina.

Course Duration



• Maximum Completed in 6 Months.

Detailed Syllabus

1st Paper – Child Care/Elderly Care/Disabled care2nd Paper – Home Management And Meal Preparation
3rd Paper – Hygiene Health & Safety Hazards4th Paper – Basic Rescues(CPR) & Standard First Aid
5th Paper – Communication Skills & Personality Development6th Paper – Kitchen Handling & Life Skills, Nutrition
7th Paper – Practical Training (Play School/Hospital/Driving)8th Paper – History and Culture of CANADA

Nanny Interview Tips

Whether you are interviewing for a nanny job or hiring a nanny, it’s a good idea to review sample interview questions so you can prepare in advance for the interview.

The most important questions will revolve around the skills, education and experience that are essential to do the job well. Other questions include availability for work, the tasks that need to be done on the job, how to handle children in difficult situations and emergencies, and childcare philosophy.

It’s important that both the nanny and the parent(s) have a similar approach to raising children, so the children are treated consistently.

For both nannies and parents, one of the most important criteria is that there is a good match between the nanny and the family. The more questions that are asked during the interview, the more you will learn about each other and the easier it will be to make a hiring decision. In addition, setting up a time for the applicant to meet with the children prior to offering the job to see how the nanny and child(ren) interact is another way to help determine if there is a good fit for all.

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