Bakery and Confectionery

Bakery and Confectionery

It is a great delight to be able to bake delicious cakes and pastries. All it needs is a bit of skill and training to be able to do this. Baking is an art which does not need a lot of heavy infrastructure and one can easily start earning with a small unit at home.



After going through this course, the students will be able to develop skill in various baking procedures know various kinds of ingredients used in baking have working knowledge of equipments needed for baking start a small bakery unit at home.

Job Opportunities

Self employment : set up a bakery at home Wage employment : as a worker / baker in a bakery.

Course Duration

One Year. The credit now be transfered as against any one academic course.

Scheme of Study

Theory – 40%, Practical – 60%

Entry Qualification

Education : VIIIth class pass / self certificate
Age : 15 years

Scheme of Evaluation

Internal assessment: NA

External examination: Total marks – 100

Passing Criteria

Combined pass in Theory and Practical (33%). If candidate fails in Theory but passes in practical, the pass credit of practical will be accumulated.


Unit 1: Ingredients

• Classification-perishables, Market survey of euipment & Equipments Non persishables, Semi-persishable.
• Selection, storage (hygiene) use
• Equipment

Unit 2: Biscuits

• Classification Baking various types of biscuits.
• Basic procedure in production.
• Types of biscuits: Salted, Ice-Box, Piping, Rolling, Macroons, Tarts

Unit 3 : Cakes

• Classification Baking cakes.
• Basic procedure – useful tips.
• Faults in baking cakes – identification and rectification.
• Decorative, Non-decorative.

Unit 4: Icing

•Classification Preparing and applying various types of Icing.
• Basic Procedure.
• Tools and Equipments.

Unit 5: Pastries

• Flaky and Puff Preparing various mixtures,types of pastes and mixtures.
• Items

– Patties, Vol-au-vont

– Khara Biscuits, Cheese straws

• Choux

– Eclairs, Cream Rolls

– Profit Rolls

Unit 6: Breads

• Classification Baking danion pastry breads, Bread Rolls
• Basic Procedures

• Variations of Bread

Unit 7: Danish

• Classification Banking danish pastry Crossont: and croissonts
• Basic Procedures
-Danish; Cinnamon

Unit 7: Accounting Procedures

• Purchasing and sales Maintaining accounts procedure in a unit
• Maintenance of accounts
-journal, leadzer
-subsidiary books
-final accounts etc.
• Calculation of
-selling & cost price, calculating selling price, gross profit, net profit.
-gross & net profit
-taxes, debit notes preparing a simple
-preparing invoices statement of account.

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