Fabrication applies to the building of machines, structures, or process equipment by cutting shaping and assembling components made from new materials. Fabrication shops generally concentrate on the metal preparation, welding and assembly. Standard raw materials used by metal fabricator are: Plate metal, formed and expended metal, pipes, tubes, square tube, I-beam, H-beam, C-channel, Hardware, Casting etc. The raw material has to be cut to size. This is done with a variety of tools.


A fabricator skills man should knowledge about metal, drawing, grinding, drilling, marking, gas cutting, welding, fitting, threading etc.

How does Mother Teresa Skills For Youth help you?

Mother Teresa Skills For Youth offers six months/One Year certificate training program for those candidates, who want to get a fabricator job. We provide the theoretical & practical; both types of training during fabricator course & after completion of training, certificate is awarded to candidates. We also provide the campus facility to candidates. We are one of the best fabricator training institutes in Mohali-Punjab, India.

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